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Broadway Blake In Newark,NJ

Broadway Blake is a Hip Hop Artist from the Northside of Newark, New Jersey. In a time when artist portray bigger than life images, Blake makes it clear that he is by the people and for the people. Blake knows how it feels to be influenced through music so he looks to provide the same sense of hope to anyone he can connect with. “The same type of influence I use to get from artist like Nas, 2Pac and Ma$e is the same type of influence I wanna provide to another kid who feels like it’s no way out. And not just kids either, I want everyone to know that your success shouldn't be determined by another person timeline of success” states Blake. 


After releasing a slew of mixtapes including the "If Not Me Then Who?" series, Broadway Blake released his debut indie album Broadway Empire. Now years after that, he's back Later Than Expected.

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